How To Start A Home Based Photography Business

Learning how to start a home based photography business offers you a creative outlet that pays really well. Photographers work in a variety of settings from a studio to a beach or maybe even an elementary school.  Some photographers work exclusively with children, while others provide services for weddings. Start your home based photography business with a few easy steps.

  1. Determine the target market you want your home based photography business to serve.  Do you want to focus on the children’s school portrait market, or would you rather focus on weddings? Specialization gives you credibility, take photographs with different subjects to find out your preference. Your photography business will thrive if you do.
  2. Register your photography business and get your tax identification number.  Register your photography business via your local government site. This will not only makes your business official, but it provides you with a tax identification number that you will use to buy your photography supplies at wholesale for your business.
  3. Take inventory of the photography equipment that you will need for your photography business.  Photographers need a tripod cameras to take steady pictures as well as a single lens reflex camera with ten megapixels or higher. This allows for the best professional quality photographs. Buy the best equipment you can afford. Your business will appear more professional as a result.
  4. Set up a business plan for your home based photography business.  Determine a plan that includes expenses such as web site up, equipment, advertising and other photography business expenses. Create strategies for marketing your business and forecast potential revenue based on it. 
  5. Join professional associations to expand your home based photography business.  Professional associations provide learning and networking opportunities.  Organizations like the Professional Photographers of America not only offer additional education classes online but they also offer in house workshops on maintaining a profitable home based photography business. Networking with at these workshops allows you valuable insight to grow your business.

Starting a home based photography business takes a few steps. Follow the plan and make your business dreams a reality.



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