How To Start An Import Export Business

You can learn how to start an import export business and get paid for importing and exporting goods and products. There is a lot of red tape you will have to deal with, such as government restrictions and filling out the proper paperwork, to have goods and products imported and exported. One of the advantages of starting this type of business is you can import and export a wide variety of goods and products and collect a fee or sell and buy your own products in the process. Read on to find out how to start an import/export business.

 Thing’s you’ll need:

  • Import/export business plan
  • Certified United States Customs brokers
  • United States government approval
  • Computer with internet access
  1. Collect as much information you can about how to start an import/export business. Study this information and use it to help you get started. Find out the licensing requirements in your state for an import/export business and obtain all the local, state and federal permits. Keep in mind that each state will have different requirements for starting an import/export business.
  2. Decide what type of products you will import and export. Hire a certified United States Customs broker to help you get your products shipped in and out of the United States. Expect several delays if you do not hire a certified Customs broker to help you. A broker will be able to expedite your import and export shipments. Join an international trade association to find out what countries are importing and exporting. You will need to find storage space for your products.
  3. Get ready to start your import/export business. Set up shop at home to reduce expenses. Use the internet to find companies that want to import or export goods. Contact those companies and offer your services to import or export their goods. Get assistance from the United States Customs brokers to have goods or products shipped and collect your fees for performing the service. Buy and sell imported and exported goods to make even more money.
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