How To Start A Jet Ski

You're not going to get too far on that new personal watercraft if you don't know how to start a jet ski! It's pretty easy to start a jet ski, if you're familiar with these three easy steps. Riding jet skis is a great way to spend a summer day, but just remember to be safe out on the water after you start your jet ski.

  1. Put the jet ski in water or, if starting it on land  hook up a hose to the intake valve. Jet skis cannot be run dry, so it's incredibly important to make sure there is a water source somewhere before you start your jet ski.
  2. Put the safety key strap around your wrist. Every jet ski comes with a safety key which must be inserted into the starter switch in order to start the jet ski. The safety key strap goes right around your wrist and is designed to pull out and stop the jet ski if the safety key is removed, such as if you should fall off the jet ski while riding. In this fashion, the jet ski will stop right next to you. Never try to rig the safety key if you should lose  the original. Instead, head to the dealership, bite the bullet and buy a new one.
  3. Press the start button. The start button on a jet ski is generally green and only needs to be pressed to start the ski. You should hear a gentle rumble when it starts up. If you have a jet ski which is not fuel injected, you will have to allow it two to three minutes of warm up time before you climb aboard for your fun on the water.
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