How To Start Jogging To Meet Women

If you are not already an avid jogger, or at least in relatively fit shape, the approach of how to start jogging to meet women will likely not have the same results. If you are relatively fit, or at least can pass as appearing fit, jogging to meet women could be effective, but you must be careful as there is a fine line between meeting women and appearing to be a stalker.

  1. Before you start jogging to meet women, it is a good idea to build your jogging stamina and endurance so you are not running through parks huffing and puffing and unable to get any slick lines out. Most women who jog regularly follow regular patterns or routes, which is where you must be careful. It can seem as if you are stalking or following a woman if suddenly she starts seeing you everywhere along her route.
  2. Once you have reached the capacity for continuous jogging for at least an hour straight, you can select your routes. Women also select routes that are relatively well-lit, fairly public, and give them a sense of safety and security. Public streets, parks and well-populated trails can be good places to start.  
  3. Check these selected areas out at different times of day. Women who work full time usually do not have the energy to go jogging at night, nor is it a safe idea. Instead, these women will go jogging first thing in the morning, and occasionally during lunch hours if their job permits the time.
  4. When you start jogging to meet women, it's best to appear as if you are there for the jogging only. Stopping and trying to chat with women while they are on a schedule and routine can be a turn-off, and they will find you bothersome. They may even make changes to their routes if you approach them more than once.
  5. So, the best way to go jogging to meet women is to go jogging in areas that are safe, where women tend to jog, and during times of day when they are jogging most often. Your approach should be during the jogging activity and be kept simple. Something like saying "hi" and commenting about the weather that morning or a little humor as you jog past her can go a long way.
  6. Do not try to stop her and talk, you will only creep her out. Instead, if she smiles and comments back then keep jogging and try again the next time you see her. Eventually, she'll either ask you to leave her alone, or she may ask what time you usually come jogging so you can do so together.
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