How To Start Jogging For Weight Loss

Learning how to start jogging for weight loss will help you see better improvements faster. You will need to eat healthy as well as exercise to see weight loss results, but it can be done if you have enough motivation and determination. Jogging may seem agonizing and scary at first, but after you have gotten into a rhythm you will notice that it is not all that bad. In fact, if you are a competitive person you can make it fun by competing with yourself or friends.

  1. To start jogging for weight loss, you need to begin with a slow and steady pace. The goal for weight loss is to run at least 25 minutes and anything greater than that is even better. However, the best gains are found between 25 and 30 minutes of jogging at a steady pace.
  2. Make sure your pace is steady when you are jogging for weight loss. You should not be changing tempo every few minutes. One great way to manage this is to run around an area where you know the distance and wear a watch. You can time yourself and make sure you stay within the allotted time you have given yourself.
  3. When you start jogging for weight loss you will be very sore the first couple of days. Do not give up because of this soreness. It will pass soon and you body will adjust quickly. Let your body rest until the soreness is bearable and then jog again. Jogging for weight loss gets progressively easier as you do it more and lose more weight.
  4. Set goals when jogging for weight loss. This will keep you motivated and help push you to go jog even on days when you do not want to. One of the best presents you will get from jogging is the results. You will notice your body toning up and you will feel yourself becoming more physically fit.
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