How To Start A Jungle Themed Restaurant

If you have a love for restaurants and jungle decor, then perhaps you'd be interested in combining the two and learning how to start a jungle themed restaurant. Themed restaurants stand out and create their own buzz. This article will give you some helpful tips and ideas on starting a restaurant with a jungle theme.

  1. Create a name. While many find coming up with a unique name for their jungle themed restaurant a joy, others find it downright frustrating. Take your time on this task. A name is very important in the restaurant industry.  Choose a name that reflects the image you want others to get when they hear it. Decide how you want the atmosphere to feel. Do you want it to be a playful place or an exotic place?  Always keep in mind the jungle theme. To help with naming your restaurant, jot down words  that remind of you of the jungle and words that describe your restaurant. Play around with these words and maybe you will come up with a catching name that rolls off the tongue.
  2. Compose an iron-clad business plan. This step is not the time to take short-cuts or be vague. Your business plan should detail every step and detail of your restaurant. It should include your mission statement, goals, costs, budgets and products just to name a few. If you are not familiar with writing out a business plan, it may be wise to hire a professional to work with you on this.
  3. Choose the perfect location. The saying "location, location, location" is very important in the restaurant industry. Choose a location that is easily accessible to the public. It should also be able to accommodate your jungle theme which may include large trees. An outside area would be a good idea to further extend your jungle theme.
  4. Obtain your licenses and permits. Opening a restaurant requires certain licenses and permits according to your area. You will need to find out all that is required by your state to open up a restaurant.
  5. Create your design. This is the part that most future restaurant owners enjoy. Decide on how you want your restaurant's layout to flow and think about the jungle decoration, the menu, and other details concerning your restaurant. Visit other jungle themed restaurants and take note of what your competition is doing so that you can do it better and differently. Every part of your restaurant should work together to create the feel of a jungle in order to give diners the ultimate experience. Tall hovering trees and sloping vines can add to the ambiance. Think outside of the box, perhaps having dirt floors and rock tables. Sounds of the jungle will also help bring your manmade jungle to life. Use lots of natural material to evoke a sense of being outdoors. Don't forget to work some unique jungle flair into the menus as well. If this task seems too daunting then consider hiring a professional to do this for you.
  6. Hire some professionals. Don't try to do everything yourself. Know when to hire professionals to make sure the job is done correctly, especially when it comes to taxes, payroll and the likes. Running a restaurant is stressful enough, so seek skilled help with jobs you aren't familiar with or don't have much time to commit to like hiring a staff and ordering supplies and equipment.
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