How To Start A Kite Surfing Shop

Are you wondering how to start a kite surfing shop? Whether you participate in the sport or are just looking for an investment, certain items will need to be in place before you open your kite surfing shop.

  1. Financing. In order to start a kite surfing shop you will need to have available cash or credit. If you lack the entire amount needed check with family, friends, banks, or credit unions for start up funds. Credit cards can be used provided they are paid off immediately or you are aware the interest rate will be carried forward on all purchases.
  2. Location. A highly visible area such as a strip mall in the center of town or on a beach is the ideal location to start a kite surfing shop. Opt for the most visible area available to start your business.
  3. Inventory. Kites as well as all related items will need to be in stock on opening day. You should supply a rent or buy program for maximum sales.
  4. Instructor. Having an experienced instructor to provide lessons is a must. If you will be the instructor of your business you may want to hire a counter person to oversee the business while you are out giving lessons.
  5. Advertising. Pass out flyers, tell everyone you know, advertise in local directories and have business cards on hand to pass out. All these forms of advertisement will help you start a successful kite surfing shop.
  6. Supplies. Miscellaneous supplies are needed to start a kite surfing shop. Staplers, bags, paper, sales order forms, computer, phone, etc. must be in place on opening day.



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