How To Start A Landscape Business

If you want to find out how to start a landscape business, you will first have to decide how big you want your company to be. If you are going to be the only person involved in the landscape business, your equipment needs will be substantially less than if you hire on additional landscapers. Decide the type of landscaping you want to do, whether it be lawn cutting, planting flowers, landscape planning or a combination of landscaping areas.

  1. Decide if you need financing to start a landscape business. Get an invoice from the equipment supplier you are using, so you can give it to your banker at the time of your loan application. If you can get a favorable financing rate, you may be able to afford to buy more equipment than you planned.
  2. Go to your local tax office and find out how to get a landscape business license. The staff will give you the proper forms and tell you what the fee is to obtain your business license. You may need to give your banker a copy of the license in order for them to process your loan request.
  3. Find some clients for your landscape business. If you already have clients in mind, make arrangements to start your service. Go over the costs of your services with each client, and find out if they have a certain day of the week they want you to come.
  4. Make sure you have a proper vehicle when you start a landscape business. If you are going to have lawn mowers, you will need to have a trailer or truck to transport the mowers to the lawns you are going to service. Buy the type of trailer or truck that is within your budget, and make sure the lawn equipment fits before you finalize the purchase.
  5. Consult with an accountant to start a landscape business. They will be able to help you plan your income taxes, and determine which items you can include as business expenses. Remember to take all of your loan paperwork and equipment receipts with you when you meet with the accountant.



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