How To Start A Low Carb Diet Correctly

Need to know how to start a low carb diet correctly? Whether you are always carrying a few extra pounds or just want to get into that football uniform you wore in high school for that special someone, a low carb diet can help you lose weight quickly. Researchers from the University of Maryland found that obese people lose more weight on a low carb diet plan than with a more traditional low-fat diet plan. The best way to start a low carb diet is not to cut out carbohydrates completely, but rather to understand which types of carbohydrates to keep in your diet and which ones to cut out.

  1. Read the Atkins diet plans and understand what the late doctor attempted to do with this diet. You do not need to follow them exactly, but it is often best to start these diets by cutting out carbohydrates completely at first.
  2. Monitor your weight loss for the first two weeks. Most dieters lose the largest amount of weight in the first few weeks of their diet plan. When phase one of a low carb diet ends, do some additional research on low glycemic load foods.
  3. Slowly work in low glycemic load foods into your diet. Glycemic load refers to the overall sugars and starches the food contains. A food’s glycemic index number refers to how easily the body absorbs its sugar.
  4. After two weeks, a person on a low-carbohydrate diet should work twenty grams of carbohydrates a day into his diet. Watch your weight for a few more weeks.

Starting a low carb diet is a relatively easy thing to do, but a person cannot stay on the Atkins diet or similar plans for a long period of time. The latest version of the Atkins diet does not let a person following the plan consume more than seven grams of saturated fat per day. While a low carb diet stimulates quick weight loss, a dieter should not maintain a high cholesterol, high-fat diet for a long period of time.

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