How To Start A Motorcycle Salvage Bussiness

Are you wondering how to start a motorcycle salvage business? Do you already own property or will you need to purchase property? Keep in mind that you will need to consider commercial zoning. As with any business, location is crucial to your success when starting a business that deals with motorcycle salvage.

  1. Property will be needed. If you have the property to start your motorcycle salvage business, make sure it is enough space to accommodate your business needs immediately and in the future. If you are looking to purchase property, look in commercial areas of the desired city or suburb. If you can purchase property with similar zoning or permits, it will be easier and faster for you to start your business.
  2. Obtain the necessary paperwork. Zoning and permits will be needed to start your motorcycle salvage yard. If you have obtained property zoned for salvage, speak with your city permit person or realtor to make sure the permits will transfer. If the property does not have the proper zoning, speak with the city to see if they will allow a motorcycle salvage business on the property before placing a bid on the property.
  3. Make sure your financing is in place to operate. Family, friends, banks or credit cards (in that order) will help you if you find yourself needing additional money.
  4. Create a business name. You will have to register with the state to ensure your business name is okay to use as well as for proper licensing and tax records.
  5. Obtain equipment. Do you have motorcycle parts to start the salvage business? You will need these on opening day as well as a truck to tow motorcycles on, tools, a durable tool box and possibly cutting equipment. Business supplies you will need on opening day include a calculator, cash, receipt books, book keeping software or books, pens, pencils, paper, staples and a stapler, a business phone, a business phone number, business cards, flyers already passed out and ads already placed in papers and online. This list is a general start-up day list.
  6. Get a sign. People will need to know when they are at your business.



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