How To Start A Music Fan Club

Die hard music fans want to know how to start a music fan club.  We can help.  Beginning a music club can be successful if five goals are met.  Each goal exists for various reasons to reach a wide range of potential music club members.  From permissions, online connections and blog sites, physical locations of club meetings, to email and advertising, updates, a music fan club may expand and continue to grow.

Music appreciation does not always remain inside of a classroom, especially when experiences leads to interest in becoming the head leader of a fan club.  A music fan club cannot build itself and Rome was not built in one day.  With given time and effort a successful music fan club may emerge.  Here's how to reach that goal.

  1. Permissions.  Permissions are optional when starting a music fan club.  Permissions from the band or musician when using any copyrighted material in advertising for a music fan club is legally smart.  How to ask permission from a musician?  Contacting the music label or the main web site are two ways to reach permission.  Request response surrounding the quest and wait for a response.  When they find that a new fan club supports their tunes and hard work, there can be perks like granting a deal on tickets for upcoming shows.
  2. Online.  Searching for potential music club members should begin with a club web page or blog.  The page must contain information surrounding the band or musician with at least one photo, video, comment and response availability, updates along with posting an email address to contact the music fan club leader.  However, remember that it is not wise to add a phone number or the personal address.  Only release that information if seeking music club members to join a club meeting at a physical address.
  3. Club Meetings.  Music fan club meetings are optional.  Club meetings do not have to be the location of someone's home.  A fan club meeting can be a place where it's all about the band or musician.  Meetings very well could be conducted at a park, a public location, or in a band space where musicians can meet to play covers of the band or musician.
  4. Email and Advertisement.  When advertising online be careful of being noted as a spammer.  There is a way around this.  Simply display an email list for those who wish to gain information in connection with the music fan club.  Advertising through the email that friends of friends can become a member can result in fan club growth.  Advertising on other music sites and blogs by leaving a brief comment with a link has proven to be beneficial to getting the word across.  Make it interesting without making it sound shabby or just another ad.
  5. Updates.  Any music fan club has updates on the band or musician.  Upcoming dates for shows, whether live or not, should be added for music club members to view.  Adding updates can be done through a music fan club web site, blog, or the email process.  It wouldn't hurt to include updates of the personal life outside of the music so that club members can trust that they are well connected with their favorite band or musician.
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