How To Start Mystery Shopping Company

Starting up your own mystery shopping company is a great way to generate revenue because companies really want to know what goes on “while the cat’s away” (figuratively speaking), and learning how to start a mystery shopping company is not as difficult as you would initially presume. Two of the main factors to focus on when you start a mystery shopping company are acquiring the clients/businesses that you will do the mystery shopping for and hiring the mystery shoppers that will actually go to the business locations and mystery shop.

  1. The first way to start a mystery shopping company is to begin hiring mystery shoppers. Hire a few employees that would be reliable and dependable enough for the job at hand. It’s not necessary to begin hiring several shoppers at once because you are just initially starting the business up, and business won’t exactly be booming at least for a little while.
  2. Start thinking about local businesses you would like to consult. It’s a good idea to take note of potential clients you would like to meet with. Create a physical list of these companies and add to it periodically when you get more ideas.
  3. Begin visiting these businesses and setting up meetings with the head decision makers. Visiting instead of calling or writing is simply a lot more professional, and it shows the client that you are seriously interested in their business. Remember to dress appropriately when going to visit your potential clients. When you are initially face to face with the potential client, explain who you are, but do not perform a sales pitch. The main idea here is to simply request a meeting so that you can then go over your services.
  4. Develop a solid presentation. You want your presentation to complete one task and one task only, and that is to prove to the potential client that they need your services. The presentation needs to answer questions such as: Why should these clients work with your mystery shopping company? Why should they switch from their current mystery shopping company to your’s? What will you offer them that they cannot already get from their current mystery shopping company?
  5. Offer to provide a mystery shop and report free of charge if they are not convinced. Sometimes going the extra mile to prove to potential clients that your company is the right candidate will do the trick. This will definitely show the client that you are serious, and really want their business.
  6. After acquiring local clients, try to aim for national clients. You can simply stay with your familiar local clients, or you can try acquiring bigger accounts that are nationally known. Securing larger accounts will be relatively difficult, but simply offering them better prices and better service will definitely help to sway the decision.
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