How To Start A Office Cleaning Business

Knowing how to start an office cleaning business is a great idea for anyone who wants to run their own cleaning business. Consider that you will be in control of the business and you will make all the decisions. Now, you are now producing your own income and providing a service that every office will need. Your target market will be office buildings, schools, medical facilities, and hospitals. These eight steps will allow you to successfully start your own office cleaning business:

  1. Starting an office cleaning business is easy because you do not need any special skills to perform the work. Start-out by visiting your local city or county office and apply for a permit or a license to start an office cleaning business.
  2. Apply for your state’s Department of Revenue tax ID number to start an office cleaning business. Apply for your federal tax ID number. You will need tax ID numbers to pay taxes and to operate the business legally.
  3. Develop a business plan to get your office cleaning business started. Create a marketing section to show how you are going to sell your services to school administrators, office building managers and housekeeping directors. Design a management plan to show you how to schedule your daily activities and establish a financial plan to make sure the cleaning business does not lose money.
  4. Obtain basic household cleaning supplies and equipment to get your office business started. Look around your home to see if you could use cleaning supplies and equipment for your new business. Collect mops, brooms, rags and all supplies and equipment that will be needed to clean an office. Head to your local general store and purchase these items if you can not find them at home. Charge at least 60 cents a square foot to start out.
  5. Visit your local print shop and put in a request for business cards and flyers for your office cleaning business.  Make as many sales calls as you possibly can to your target market. The more sales calls you make, the better your chances are of becoming successful in starting your office business. Continue to update your business plan and network with business professionals in your area.
  6. Schedule appointments with potential clients and tell them about your office cleaning business and offer to provide your services to them. Pass out your business cards and flyers in the areas where you plan to do business. Keep trying and working on this plan and you will make money.
  7. Stay on alert for possible city, state, and federal contracts that your office business may be able to perform. Try to get clients to sign up for month-to-month cleaning agreements to keep a steady flow of cash coming in to your office cleaning business.
  8. Invest in business cleaning forms for your office cleaning business.  Some of the most common forms for a cleaning business would be a Cleaning Invoice, Cleaning Checklist, Cleaning Quote Sheet, and Cleaning Customer Survey. These steps will help you get this office cleaning business running at a profit.


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