How To Start An Official Fan Club

Need to know how to start an official fan club? Starting an official fan club isn’t like starting just any regular fan club. It takes a lot of time and effort but, in the end, it is worth all the work you put into it. The benefits of starting an official fan club include meeting people like yourself and perhaps even meeting the person your fan club promotes.

  1. You first need to obtain permission to start a fan club. Even if you weren’t starting an official fan club, but an unofficial one, doing this will help prevent any future conflicts due to copyright or trademark violations. There are certain copyright regulations which need to be followed.
  2. You will need to talk to the artist’s promoter about merchandising. Begin by deciding what your official fan club will offer to members, then talk to the promoter. Membership fees don’t entirely cover a club’s expenses, so you will need to figure out production costs, mailing expenses and general overhead and then make decisions about merchandising to cover the rest.
  3. Decide on a membership fee before you start your official fan club. Without membership fees, you will need to do fundraising and maybe even pay out of your own pocket to cover the club’s expenses.
  4. Obtain an official fan club staff. It can either be paid or volunteer, but you will need people to run the club and keep it in order. Find people to handle publishing, accounting, merchandising, public relations and general administration and make sure they will be able to keep careful records of your club’s business transactions.
  5. Get started on your official fan club’s fanzine. First, you will need to decide on a format, the general appearance and the types of information that are presented in the fanzine. Perhaps the artist himself will be able to participate in the newsletter.

The fanzine is the most important part of an official fan club. This is how members will be able to keep up with upcoming events and certain promotions that are going on. It may seem like a lot of work to start an official fan club, but the effort definitely pays off in the end.

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