How To Start Running For Obese People

Want to know how to start running for obese people? You've come to the right place and you're doing the right thing. Not only will running instantly help you shed calories, it will reduce your risk for almost every cardiovascular disease and serve as a way to charge your endorphins higher, and more naturally, than antidepressants like Zoloft. You will see the beneficial effects of running very quickly, but you have to start slowly.

How to Start Running for Obese People

  1. Start by Walking. Many people try to run immediately, but the strain on your ankles and the impact on your bones is immense. You first want to try and accustom your body to the walking/running motion. Do this by walking around the neighborhood. If you want to burn more calories, wear heavier clothing and move your arms with your elbows in ninety degree angles. Make sure to buy shoes that feel comfortable. Walking in your soon-to-be running shoes is a good way to break them in and test them out.
  2. Keep Your Running Clothes Accessible. It's very easy to decide not to run. You need to have everything in a neat pile: shoes, athletic shorts, shirt, underwear. If it's still difficult to get motivated, wear your exercise clothes around the house until you feel obliged to step outside. You have to be determined to start running. If you like music, bring an iPod. A good way to motivate yourself to just say: "Oh, well, all I'm really going to do is listen to my iPod for thirty minutes."
  3. Walk Faster. Once you feel comfortable walking around the neighborhood, you need to get a stopwatch. Time your walks and try to beat the different times. You want to reach a point where you can't possibly beat the time without breaking into a trot.
  4. Begin Running. When you start running, it will be tempting to run and walk, off-and-on, interval style. Some people find this an effective to way to start running. Other people prefer to run continuously very, very slowly.
  5. Don't Ever Be Embarrassed. Studies have shown that obese people who start running are healthier than skinner people who don't exercise. Not only that, the athletic people who may see you almost always have good thoughts about you. They are all about self-improvement and they will understand your desire to run. Everyone admires determination.
  6. Watch Videos of Distance Runners. You want to know how to move your body as you run. Every limb, every movement requires a bit of energy.
  7. Protect yourself against the elements. If it's sunny, be sure to wear sunglasses. The sun, just by making you squint, will drain your energy.
  8. Improve. The best way to improve is to keep running. Go to to keep track of the distances you run and be sure to use a stopwatch, too. Try keeping a running log. Each time you run, record the distance, time, and how you felt.

Running can become a great way to meditate and slow life down, as well as get healthy. Try running two times a week at first and gradually getting that number to three or four. Force yourself to look forward to each run as an opportunity to improve yourself. Learning how to start running isn't different for obese people. It's simply a matter of knowing your body and knowing your limits, then enhancing both.   


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