How To Start A Secret Sex Club

Knowing how to start a secret sex club can be a great way to discreetly organize with people to discuss, experiment, or have sex. The kind of sex club you start can be up to you. This guide will provide you all the details you need to make the process smooth and fun.

  1. Organize: Discreet organizing can be done easily on social networking sites. For instance, Facebook lets you start a private group where only those invited can see that it even exists. This is a great way to communicate to other members and pass along messages about meetings or details.
  2. Invite people: If you decide to invite people you do not know well (i.e. via Craigslist), be sure you do careful research. Make sure you find out all their ages and backgrounds so the event is safe and legal for anyone. This is essential when forming your secret sex club, which can make it more enjoyable if all the members also share your sexual interests/goals.
  3. Be on the same page: Make sure you determine if the goals and purpose of the club are the same as other members. Finding out everyone else's interests and experiences can help you determine if you'd like to modify or expand upon your current ideas. This process is one you don't want to miss as it can make your secret sex club what it is.
  4. Determine what kind of sex club you want: Decide ahead of time whether you want your secret sex club to be purely recreational, or whether you want to start a secret sex club. as a business This may include an invitation-only strip club, swingers club, sex party organization club, etc. If you choose to start a business, make sure you register with your state and follow the appropriate procedures.
  5. Research: In addition to researching members, be sure you take the necessary time to research your current city, state, and country laws about secret sex clubs. Depending on the kind of sex club you start, you may need to be careful about violating laws. Taking precaution can be rewarding to avoid legal repercussions. This step is best to take once you've decided the kind of club you wish to start.
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