How To Start A Singing Career

Think you have what it takes to be the next American Idol and want to start a singing career? Or, maybe you sing more than you talk. Whatever the reasons are, a singing career takes dedication and effort. Starting a singing career properly will give the most satisfaction, money and possibly fame to budding singers.

To start a singing career, you will need:

  • Training
  • Music Theory
  1. Get the training. Start early and practice often. If you have an affinity for singing and composing your own songs, get the musical training you can. This includes learning a musical instrument, joining a band, choir or other musical group, taking voice lessons or singing casually with friends. All experience develops your voice and expands your style.
  2. Explore all genres of music. Discover what musical style fits your voice and personality best. If you like rock music but you are training in classical opera, look for a medium in which you can express yourself combining your skill and the genre you enjoy. Being creative is a much needed skill in this industry as competition is high.
  3. Expect to work hard. Many do not start of with a full fledged singing career. As the Occupational Outlook Handbook of 2010-11 states, singers and musician typically start with working a day or night job, and singing at various gigs in between.
  4. Go after a degree. Vocal performance is available as a major at both small and large universities. Getting an Associates or Bachelor's degree in vocal performance can open up doors and advance a career quickly with the networking connections available at a school. Getting involved with a school choir or theater production can broaden a singer's experience as well.
  5. Continue to sing. Practice singing to keep voice muscles at top strength. Eat well and exercise the rest of the muscles in the body. More energy is good energy and will result in a good performance and beautiful voice.



Look for a voice coach with a few years of teaching experience or teaching accreditation. These make the best teachers and can give references for their successful students.



Be prepared for rejection early on when starting a singing career. Competition is fierce, and singers who have a tough skin and stick with it have a higher chance at success.



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