How To Start A Skateboard Business

So, you want learn how to start a skateboard business? Skating boards are used as another method of transportation for mostly young teenagers. However, you can start a skateboard business and become very successful if you start and operate the business the right way.

 Things you'll need:

  •  Skateboard Manufacturer Catalogs
  •  Help Stocking the Store's Skateboard's
  • Computer to keep up with skateboard inventory


  1. Read books and publications about how to start a skateboard business. Volunteer to work at a skateboard shop to learn what the business entails. Interview the owner and ask him questions about how he started his skateboard business and follow his advice.
  2. Contact a commercial real estate agent to help you start a skateboard business. Inform the agent that you are trying to find a good location to operate a skateboard company. Ask the agent to hold the building for 60 days so that you can get your business plan ready.
  3. Take care of all the necessary paperwork to help you start a skateboard business. Head to your city hall building and apply for a permit to operate a skateboard company. Fill out the application and register your business as a sole proprietorship because this type of business is easier to operate.
  4. Register for your state’s Department of Revenue tax ID number to help you start a skateboard business. Call 1 (800) 829-4933 and apply for your federal tax ID number. You’ll need these tax ID numbers to pay taxes.
  5. Go back to the real estate agent to rent or lease the building to help you start a skateboard business. Create a business plan to help you get ready for business. Implement a marketing plan to attract customers. Use the management plan section to discuss exactly how you will operate your skateboard business each day. Develop a financial plan to organize the business expenses and income.
  6. Contact skateboard manufacturers to help you get your skateboard company started. Call skateboard manufacturers and request catalogs of the boards that they have available for sale. Negotiate better pricing for the boards and gear that you plan to sell in your store. Order the boards and stock them in your store to sell them at least with a 30% mark-up from the price that you paid.
  7. Contact a local radio station to help you get your skateboard business started. Buy some radio ads to let potential customers know that you have just started a new skateboard business. Visit your local print shop and order business cards to pass out to customers. Pass out flyers in the neighborhoods where your skate shop is located. Have fun running your skateboard business.
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