How To Start Speed Dating

Knowing how to start speed dating can really help you out once you begin the process. Speed dating is becoming a way for more people to start meeting other singles in their area. This is great for people who are tied up in work a lot or can't get out to meet others very often. To start speed dating, you will need to do the necessary research in order to get with a good service.

  1. Check out local groups. When you're checking out the various speed dating groups in your city, make sure that they have decent people in them. The last thing you want to do is roll up on a bunch of geeks or roam the range with a pack of buffalo. This is key when you start speed dating.
  2. Look at the group’s pictures online. Look at them before you sign up for one of their events. If the crowd isn't balanced in the looks department, then you're going to have one woman that every guy will be going after during the breaks. You want a group that has a ratio that is reflective of good-looking women and bad looking guys. For the most part, speed-dating groups are going to have hot women that can't find a decent guy and lame guys who are on their last leg of snagging that yearly pity lay. Securing a group that people worth the time is essential to start speed dating.
  3. Pick out your look. Pick out a look that is going to reflect success but not pretension. You don't want to look overly dressed. Pick out what you were going to wear to work the next day and wear that. Shy away from heavy colognes and shave if needed. Picking out the right look is huge when you start speed dating.
  4. Understand the process. Now, here's how it works. Most of the time, you will have a scorecard to rate each woman that you meet. They will also have a scorecard so they can rate you. At the end of the date, the coordinator will tally up each score and let you know whom you were paired up with based on mutual scoring. You want to have a couple of questions lined up for when you are meeting with the women. Knowing the process is essential for when you start speed dating.
  5. Have questions lined up for your speed dates. You want to have a couple of questions lined up for when you are meeting with the women. You want to engage in a casual conversation. Never ask them whey they are at a speed dating event, why they are single, or anything about past relationships. Pretend that you already know the answers to those questions and you don't have a problem with them. Having questions ready is a great start when you begin your speed dates
  6. Save it for the date. There will be breaks if the group is big enough so be prepared for that. If you see somebody that you haven't talked to yet, resist the urge to talk to them. Save all of your game for when you have them alone with you. If they're hot, they will have all kinds of guys flocking to them during the breaks. You want to stand out of the crowd. When you get to them during the event, you will have much more to talk about and they will be interested in why you didn't try to talk to them before.

Speed dating is a great way to get out of the house and meet some new people. Check your local websites and you'll probably be able to find a multitude of groups that specialize in speed dating. Follow these simple rules and you should do fine.




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