How To Start A Vegetarian Diet For Weight Loss

Want to know how to start a vegetarian diet for weight loss? A quick way to drop a few pounds quickly is to start a vegetarian diet for weight loss. Going vegetarian, and forgoing meat, doesn't mean that you're foregoing protein as a vegetarian diet is filled with different ways to get proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Going vegetarian also doesn't necessarily mean going low fat so if your goal is weight loss, you'll need to monitor calorie and fat intake.

  1. Start a vegetarian diet for weight loss by putting away any meat products. Unless you're planning on becoming a vegetarian for good, there's no need to purge the whole house of meats, just store any meat products in the freezer. This means that you'll need to freeze any chicken, pork, beef, lunch meats, or other meat products. Wrap items securely in brown freezer paper, or vacuum seal the items for longer freezer storage.
  2. You'll have better success on a vegetarian diet for weight loss if you spread the word. Tell everyone about your new plan and you'll have a better chance of sticking to the diet plan. And, if you're going to tell everyone you're doing it, just do it. Don't waffle back and forth with the 'just one hamburger won't hurt' mentality.
  3. Arm yourself with interesting fruits and vegetables. A vegetarian diet doesn't have to be filled with just boring lettuce salads or cooked broccoli. Instead, purchase a few good vegetarian cookbooks and explore different fruits and vegetables. Take a Sunday morning stroll through the local farmer's market or visit the Oriental market to purchase some new and interesting varieties of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Since you're looking for weight loss, it's important to limit your fat intake. Choose flavorful fats, such as sesame oil or very good extra virgin olive oil, for cooking and you'll find yourself using less. And, do choose healthy fats, such as olive oil, for salad dressings. Choose an aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil as your go to dressing for cooked or raw vegetables.

Warning: You should not undertake a drastic change in your diet without checking with a physician so make an appointment with your doctor before starting on your vegetarian journey.



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