How To Start A Weight Loss Training Program

When you first decide to lose weight, you may wonder how to start a weight loss training program. Your weight loss training program should include a healthy eating program and an exercise program. Proper planning can help you to stay on course with your weight loss training program.

  1. Get the foods you need for your program. Low fat and low calorie foods are the basis of your diet when you are trying to lose weight. MyPyramid notes that you should include lean meats, low-fat or fat free milk and milk products, fresh fruits, some fats, fresh vegetables and grains, including whole grains.
  2. Start doing cardiovascular exercises. Ideally, you should work out for 60 to 90 minutes on most days. If you can’t do this right off the bat, it is okay to work your way slowly up to that amount of time. You can even work out in short spurts throughout the day. For example, an hour of television has approximately eighteen minutes of commercials. Walk or jog in place or do jumping jacks during the commercials for two hours. Then, you only have about 30 more minutes to work out. Swimming, playing sports, walking or aerobics classes are all options.
  3. Add in strength training exercises at least three days per week. Push ups, lifting weights and other resistance exercises are ideal for this. Strength training exercises help you to build lean muscle. Lean muscle helps your metabolism to increase. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you can burn.
  4. Know when to stop. If you feel faint, have chest pains, are in pain or are short of breath, stop working out. If these symptoms persist after you stop, contact a medical professional.



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