How To Start A Wine Club

When you learn how to start a wine club, you instantly have an excuse to get together with your friends. Its true that as people grow older, their social lives get a little less active, and they lose touch with the people who make them feel good about themselves. The good news is that you can do things to counteract this. When you do something like start a wine club, you do not necessarily need to gather because of a particular fondness for wine. Instead, it is just a great way to meet up with some old acquaintances, share some stories, share some laughs, and share a little bit of wine. 

  1. Before you and your friends gather for your first wine club meeting, it is important to know at least a little something about wine. Now, this does not mean that you should become sort of wine swirling, spitting, tasting expert. It just means that you should know a few wine basics. So do a little research. Look on online. Go to different local wineries and wine shops and ask a lot of questions. 
  2. Next, you will need a group of people who share your desire to get together for some fellowship. Be careful when you select your wine club group. You want a group that is going to be dedicated, but who will not take the meetings too seriously. A good wine club is a club that meets on a regular basis, as well as, one that shares a lot of lighthearted fun. Also try to find a group of five to ten people. If the group gets to big, it turns into a party and not a wine club meeting. 
  3. Before your first meeting, decide on who will bring the wine. Some clubs insist that everyone brings a bottle over. Other wine clubs have the host supply all the wine. Either is a good technique. However, if it is the host’s responsibility to purchase the wine, make sure that you change the venue of every meeting. This way no one gets stuck always buying the wine.
  4. When you start a wine club, there are no hard and fast rules about what type of wine to serve. In fact, the fewer rules you follow, the better. Just experiment. Do not let price get in the way of making a selection either. High prices do not necessarily mean the best taste. Because everyone’s taste buds are different, some of the best wine surprises can be found with a three or four dollar bottle of wine. Of course, you also want to make sure you buy a few more expensive bottles as well. $20 to $25 dollars on a bottle is appropriate. 
  5. Serve light snacks at your wine club. The host of the meeting should serve snacks. Crackers and cheese are of course a popular choice. However, do not be afraid to experiment here. You are learning about different wines, you may as well learn about different foods.
  6. When you start a wine club, you do not always have to meet at the same venues. It is actually advisable to take your club out on the road. Go to different wine venues, such as wine bars and wineries. When you go to different meeting places, you can expose yourself to all sorts of different types of wine. Just make sure that you do this responsibly. If everyone is drinking, call a cab, or appoint someone to be the designated driver ahead of time.
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