How To Start Your Own Photography Business

Knowing how to start your own photography business can be your path to a very satisfying and lucrative career. Find yourself a niche to fill in the wide world of photography. Some people start their business part time, and get it going before they quit their day jobs. Others just jump right in. Decide what's best for you.

To start your own photography business you will need:

  • High quality digital camera
  • Tripod
  • Personal computer
  • Photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo processing equipment (optional)
  1. Create a portfolio of your work. Make it representative of your best photography. Include all the styles and genres that you do well. Copyright all of your images.
  2. Research photography businesses in your area. Determine which niche you want to fill. Choose from niches like portraiture, sports, or wedding photography.
  3. Choose a business name. Register it. Get a business license.
  4. Make a list of the products and services that your photography business will offer. Determine your packages and prices. Be aware of the competition’s prices, and choose your prices accordingly. Be sure to charge enough that you are valuing your artistry and skills, and can make a profit after your overhead.
  5. Choose a photo processing company that does excellent work to print your photos for you. Make sure they have good deals for professional photographers. If you know how, process your own photos.
  6. Make a website for your photography business. Post your photography portfolio on your website, so customers can see your work. Use the same name for your business and the domain name of your website, so customers can find you easily.
  7. Advertise your photography business. Use free social networking sites to market your photography.
  8. Keep careful records of your sales. Pay your estimated taxes quarterly, or whatever the tax laws dictate. Be organized in storing your digital photos.



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