How To State Salary History On A Job Aplication

If you want to maximize your earning potential at your new job, it’s crucial to know how to state salary history on a job application. While it might seem straightforward, you have several options for listing stating your salary history. Regardless of how you choose to present the information, always be accurate. Although padding your salary history might not seem like a big deal, it may cost you your job if your employer discovers you lie later on.

  1. Give your hourly wage. If you were an hourly worker in your last job, the easiest way to state your salary history on a job application is to list how much you earned per hour.
  2. List your yearly salary. If you were an exempt, salaried worker in any of your previous positions, state your salary history on your job application by indicating how much you earned per year.
  3. Include both your starting and ending salaries on the job application. This will how prospective employers that you grew within the position.
  4. Break down the salary for each paid position. To give prospective employers a clear picture of your long term salary history on your job application, list how much you were paid at each job you held, not just your most recent position.
  5. Include monetary bonuses. If you received yearly monetary bonuses, they are considered part of your salary history; list them on your job applications.
  6. Only list your salary history if they employer asks for it specifically. It is not necessary to state your salary history on a job application if the company does not request it. Providing your pay history on request only give your more room to negotiate your pay in the new position.  


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