How To Stay Cool While Motorcycle Riding

If you are looking for how to stay cool while motorcycle riding, and by that we mean keeping a fairly low body temperature, then look no further. There is no possible way. Unless, you ride in the winter. So instead, this article will teach you how to stay cool, as in fashionably attractive, while riding your motorcycle.

  1. The first thing you need to be looking sexy on your sweet hog is a leather jacket. Preferably one with a great abundance of zippers and an unnecessary amount of chains. They don't need to have a purpose or any actual function, they just need to be there. Anywhere. The more zippers and chains, the better. The back of the jacket should have some sort of emblem to show the other riders you mean business. A suggestively reckless and violent name, such as the Sons of Anarchy, above the emblem helps, too. Maybe throw some flames and skulls in there.
  2. Matching your animal rights activist disapproved jacket with skin-tight, ass-less chaps. They're almost just as important as the jacket. It's your choice whether you wear jeans underneath them or just rock your birthday suit. It all depends on how cool you are.
  3. If you're riding your motorcycle in the twenty states where they require you to wear a helmet by law or in the District of Columbia, then that puts a damper on your awesomeness when riding your chopper. To be fully cool, you would not abide by this law. You would instead wear a bandana and some fancy sunglasses. If you are unfamiliar with how to look stylish in these items, do some research on Hulk Hogan. He seems to pull it off rather well.
  4. Boots with spikes are vital pieces of apparel to be hip while cruising. This is because they look bad ass and just in case you get into any trouble with the rival bikers, you've got a self defense mechanism right on your shoes all the time. You don't have to worry about fitting weapons in your skin tight chaps.
  5. If you are really committed to the biker gang life and are highly concerned about your appearance, then you need some cliche traditional tattoos, primarily of flames and animals. If you get a dragon breathing fire while wrestling a tiger with magical powers, always having flames surrounding him, then you've killed two birds with one stone. Remember, each tattoo has to tell a story.  
  6. The most important fashion accessory to being cool on your motorcycle is a grizzly, handlebar mustache. If you don't have one of these or can't grow one, then you shouldn't be anywhere near a motorcycle. If this is very discouraging for you, then some bikers may accept wearing a stick-on mustache.


That's all there is to being cool while riding a motorcycle. Dress in these few fashion accessories and you'll be sure to be accepted as an awesome biker dude anywhere in the world.


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