How To Stay Fresh In Your Job

In an unstable economy, it is more important than ever to know how to stay fresh in your job. Security is on just about everyone's mind these days—most likely, yours too. If staying fresh in your job is important to you, then read on.

  1. Don't become comfortable. Easy to do, hard to not do. When you know the ins and outs of your job like the back of your hand, it may be difficult to stay fresh in your job. If you find yourself bored or making simple mistakes, it's a good chance that you have become too comfortable on the job.
  2. Find ways to cut down task times. Now, it is important to not sacrifice quality when you are cutting down task time. By making it a goal to find more efficient ways to complete your responsibilities, you will be finding ways to stay fresh in your job.
  3. Learn a new related skill. Sometimes just learning a new skill can recharge the batteries and put more excitement into a mundane task. Perhaps you can offer to take on a task for a coworker or even your boss, on a temporary basis. Be careful with how you approach this though. You don't want to seem like you are taking their job away from them.
  4. Be tech savvy. Perhaps you have a job where you have to utilize software to produce spreadsheets and reports. Why not learn about other features of the program and apply them to a current report? You may just impress your boss while staying fresh in your job. It might also show him that you are not complacent with your job by showing him you are on the lookout for better ways to perform your day-in and day-out tasks. If your company is involved in social networking, make sure you subscribe and read all of the posts.
  5. Take advantage of professional development opportunities. Some companies offer free professional development seminars. Definitely take advantage of these. If your company doesn't offer these, consider taking a seminar from your local community college.
  6. Read journal and news magazines relating to your industry. Know what is new in your industry and how it affects your company's bottom line. This will help you discuss current industry events with your superiors, which will no doubt impress them. Reading the company blog will also help you to stay fresh in your job.
  7. Help a colleague. Offer to help a swamped colleague with a task you may not exactly be an expert in. Your colleague will be glad to help teach you because he'll need the help. At the same time, you learn a new task, becoming more valuable to the organization in the process.
  8. Become a mentor. By becoming a mentor, you not only help someone else, but it gets you excited about what you know about your job. This is another way to stay fresh in your job because you may not realize just how much you know about your job. Teaching it to someone else in the organization can make you feel proud. More importantly, if the person you are mentoring can pick up a task or two of yours, you will be free for more responsibilities, allowing you to stay fresh in your job.


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