How To Stay In Striker Position When Playing Soccer

All goal-scorers need to learn how to stay in striker position when playing soccer. The striker position in soccer is perhaps the most important offensive position in the game. However, very often, players that play striker find themselves out of position during the course of the game. This is very often because in soccer, players move and shift position as the ball travels up and down the field. Even though the striker is supposed to remain up the field for his team in order to remain in offensive position, the striker is also responsible for falling back on defense, this can lead to many players ending up out of position. With a few simple guidelines, a player in the striker position will easily know how to remain where they have to be on a soccer field.

  1. Remain forward. The striker position is meant as a position of attack. The best way to have a player remain in correct striker position is to stay forward on the field. During the game, a striker should come back on defense but no further than the end of the center circle on the defensive end of the field. If the situation calls for it, then one striker may fall further back, but that should be a rare occurrence. If the strikers stay in position near midfield, then when their team clears the ball they will be prepared to start the attack.
  2. Attack the goal. One of the most important aspects of the striker position is to attack the goal as much as possible. A striker that chases the ball down all the way to the goal will be in better position more often than not. Even when a goalie scoops up a long pass or stops a shot, the striker should run up to put pressure on the goalie as he tries to pass the ball to his own team. If a striker develops these good habits of staying forward, then he or she will learn to stay in the correct position during a soccer game.
  3. Remain onsides. The downside of a striker learning to stay forward is that sometimes he or she may be caught offsides or out of position. When a striker is offsides, that means that he or she is standing behind the last defender on the other team. When a striker is offsides, his or her team is penalized and the other team receives a free kick. In order to remain onsides, a striker must make note of where the defense is located on the field and stay in line with the defense or in front of the defense. Even when a striker is  in correct position by chasing down the goalie and remaining forward, he or she needs to have the presence of mind to stay even with the defense. If a striker can master this skill then, when their team delivers a long pass, they can correctly receive the ball in stride, in position, onsides, and start the attack with a great chance to score a goal.

The striker position is vital to a soccer team. The strikers are usually the players that score the most goals in the game of soccer, so having a player that understands how to remain in correct position is crcual to the success of a team. The striker needs to be a ballhawk who chases the ball down all the way to the point where a goalie on the opposite team might pick up the ball. The striker also needs to fall back and help on defense while still remaining in correct attack position. The offense in soccer begins and ends with the strikers and their aggression, so it is important that a striker remain in correct position.

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