How To Steer The Wii Wheel On Mario Kart Wii

Do you need a lesson on how to steer the Wii Wheel on Mario Kart Wii? The Wii steering wheel can take a little getting used to because each Wii game that uses the wheel may be a bit different. If you want to learn how to use the Wii steering wheel for Mario Kart, read through the steps below.

  1. Connect your Wii Remote to the steering wheel. Simply pop the Wii Remote into the rectangle slot in the Wii Wheel. The "1" and "2" buttons should be on the right hand side as you hold the wheel facing you. The cross button and the "Power" button should be towards your left hand.
  2. Learn to accelerate and brake. Once you're signed in and are ready to play, you'll find yourself at the starting line. To get moving, press the "2" button to give your Kart gas. If you hold the "2" button down, you'll get a Rocket Start (or power boost.) To stop the Kart, press the "1" button.
  3. Control your Kart with the wheel. To steer the Wii Wheel, remember to hold the wheel the correct way. The numbered buttons should be on the right side, while the power button should be towards your left hand. To steer towards the left, turn the wheel a little toward the left. Don't turn it too much and keep your eyes on the screen. If you need to make a complete turn (if you're going around a bend), turn the wheel at a sharper angle. It takes practice, but after a few times around the track, you'll be driving like a pro.
  4. Advanced steering tricks. Once you've mastered the basics of the Wii Wheel on Mario Kart, you can try doing wheelies and jumping off ramps. To do a wheelie, pull the top of the Wii Wheel slightly towards you. To land, lean the Wii Wheel away from you. To jump you'll need to shake the Wii Wheel towards the direction where you need to land.
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