How To Stimulate Female Erogenous Zones

Learning how to stimulate female erogenous zones is not something you can skip out on just because they're shrouded in mystery and danger. Put your captain's hat on and get ready for adventure, because smooth loving is a two-way street that you ought to be well-versed in traveling. Here are some of the best techniques for exploring those hitherto unknown territories known as the female erogenous zones. Godspeed, sir!

  1. Choose your weapon. You've got to decide what your instrument of pleasure will be, and remember, it's not all about you. There are a number of things that can be used to stimulate the spots where it counts, so don't go for the ultimate attack yet. Fingers, tongues, and even temperate foreign objects like ice cubes have unlimited potential when it comes to making people feel aroused, so explore your options wisely.
  2. Choose your target area and work your way up. Erogenous zones are not all located near "naughty bits." You can't play baseball just by chilling out around home plate, so make sure you visit the other bases.  At the risk of the metaphor becoming cripplingly obscure, basically ensure that you don't spend all your time focussing on the G-spot, especially if you don't know where it is. There are even numerous online portals where you can study reference material.
  3. Start slow. While the clitoris, U-spot and A-spot are all prime real estate, there's something to be said for a romantic build up. Starting the night off right with some light massage around the feet, toes, fingers or even face is a great way to get going and the neck, clavicle, ears and of course, mouth are great places to direct that extra loving.
  4. Be sensitive. As many of the female erogenous zones are highly sensitive, a bad touch can earn you a red card that will prohibit your further participation in sexy-times. You can't make your girlfriend have an instant orgasm, no matter how pimp you are, so maintain appropriate levels of enthusiasm, especially in the beginning. Starting off slow is also the only way to get an accurate idea of how much of a good job you have performed. Again, keep in mind that sensitive areas don't require much force to be stimulated, so use TLC.
  5. Adapt and confirm. There's no secret formula to stimulating women properly. Each is a unique individual, so it's important that you tailor what you're doing to what she likes and ensure that she feels good about it. Many guys fall right into the category of hating to ask for directions, but when you're riding along on the erogene highway, your female navigator is an important part of the journey, so at least try including her in the decision-making process. When she's tired of your quest for the secret of the G-spot, mix it up with something else for a while.
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