How To Stimulate The Male Erogenous Zone

Learning how to stimulate the male erogenous zone is a very important skill that will enhance your love life. A male's body is loaded with nerve endings, and can be very sensitive when sexually aroused. Here are a few tips to help you learn to stimulate your partner's erogenous zone by using his senses.

  1. Touch – Gently graze your fingertips from his belly button going down toward his package. Don't get too close to his penis, you want to tease him. Rub your hands down and around his legs, and back up toward his chest. This will really get his blood pumping and make his skin feel super sensitive.
  2. Smell – Enhance your guy's erogenous zone by activating his sense of smell. Light a nice candle, or mist some spray on your sheets. 
  3. Taste – Don't be afraid to bring food into the bedroom. Try some juicy, ripe strawberries and chocolate sauce.
  4. Hearing – This will drive your man crazy. Get right up to his ear, and gently kiss. The combination of the sound of your sexy voice and your warm breath will drive him wild!
  5. Sight – Finally, once he's all worked up, treat him to the sight of you giving him oral sex. Turn the lights on, and make sure he is sitting upright. Encourage him to watch you pleasure him with your mouth.

As you can see, it's easy to stimulate the male erogenous zone. Follow these simple tips and your man will be ready to please you right back!

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