How To Stimulate The Male Orgasm

Kudos to you for wanting to learn how to stimulate the male orgasm. Having the desire to pleasure you partner the same way he pleasures you is very important. While there are different ways to stimulate the male orgasm, one tends to be ignored yet can give a male an intense orgasm. Where is this male g-spot? The prostate.

To stimulate the male orgasm, you will need:

  • Lubrication
  • A latex glove or finger cot
  1. Position yourselves. There are two popular positions for prostate stimulation. He can either lay back with his knees up toward his chest or get down on all fours with his elbows on the floor, legs spread apart. Let him decide which he would prefer. Both positions also gives you access to his genitals, which will be important for the next step.
  2. Relax him. If this is your partner's first time receiving anal manipulation, take things slow. He needs to be completely relaxed before you begin stimulating an orgasm by prostate. Rub his thighs, abdomen and genitals. The more aroused he is the easier it will be to begin. Get him used to you touching his anus by circling and stroking his rectum.
  3. Put on the glove. After you have him completely relaxed, discreetly put on the glove. Even if you and your partner have been together for a long time, it’s recommended to use a glove while stimulating the male orgasm through the prostate. The latex protects the anal walls from being damaged by a fingernail. Latex is also easier to insert than bare skin.
  4. Apply lubrication. Prostate manipulation requires lots of lubrication. Finding a lube that is made specifically made for anal sex will make things much easier. Anal lubes are made to stay slick and not get sticky like some vaginal lubrications do. An important rule to follow during anal sex is you can never use too much lubrication.
  5. Insertion. Once you’re all lubed up, run your finger over the anus and then gently insert just the tip. Allow you partner time to adjust to the intrusion. The rectum is very tight, and if you rush this process it could get painful for him. When the anus is nice and relaxed, you’ll start to feel a slow pulling sensation on your finger. Go with it.
  6. Massaging the prostate. Curl your finger upwards and feel for an area that is hard and protrudes. Once found, rub the area. This will give him the sensation of impending orgasm. You can control this sensation with the pressure you apply to the prostate. When you are ready to allow him to orgasm, continuously rub the prostate without interruption. This will stimulate an intense male orgasm.
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