How To Stimulate Male Testicles

Learning how to stimulate male testicles could mean the difference between an ordinary night of sexual fun or a great night of sexual satisfaction. The testicles on a man are extremely sensitive and one of the most erogenous spots if touched and stimulated correctly. Stimulating his testicles can be very tricky at times and may depend upon your sexual position.

  1. Oral stimulation. If you are performing oral sex on your man then stimulation may be a lot more easier to do. Your tongue is the key when attempting to stimulate his testicles in this position. You want to lick slowly and then suck the testicles. Make sure you do not suck too hard, and by all means use no teeth. He definitely will not enjoy that. Have fun with his testicles you can try putting one in your mouth or both at the same time, he will be amazed by your new found talent.
  2. Hand stimulation. Hand stimulation is always fun to do. However, you want to be gentle with the testicles, remember they are very sensitive and most men are terrified of being handled too roughly in the area. You want to put them in your hands and play with them. Treat them as if you have two delicate eggs in your hand that you want to protect. There is a spot between the testicles and the anus that turns most men on, it’s called the perineum. You will be able to locate it because it will feel like a little raised line leading to the anus. Take one hand and stroke it gently while having the testicles in the other hand. Your man will love this technique.
  3. Stimulate testicles while having sex. Another exciting way to stimulate your man’s testicles is during sexual intercourse. If you are one of those that enjoy the cowgirl position try stimulating your man’s testicles while enjoying your sexual encounter. You can do this with your hand or if you are extremely flexible you may try using oral as well, either way your man will love it.
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