How To Stimulate The Prostate During Sex

If you want to get ultimate pleasure from sex, you need to know how to stimulate the prostate during sex. Comparable to the female G-spot, the prostate is a highly sensitive organ located inside a man’s anus. The prostate is what makes anal sex pleasurable and lots of straight men consider it taboo, but it can be used to increase your pleasurable during masturbation and vaginal intercourse, too.

You will need:

  • Lubrication
  1. Find it Before you can start using your prostate to spice up your sex life you need to know where it is! Get yourself comfortable on a couch or bed and prop your feet up against a wall or the edge of the couch so you can reach your anus comfortably with your hands. Use your finger to gently rub your perineum and anus. Experiment with what feels good and slowly work your finger about two inches inside or until you locate a small bump the size of a chestnut. This is your prostate.
  2. Stimulate it Use some anal lube to make yourself more comfortable. What feels good differs for each man so experimentation is key. Try thrusting motions with your fingers as well as steady pressure directly on your prostate and see what you like more. It’s also very common for men to not enjoy prostate stimulation the first time they try it. It’s a very sensitive organ that is not used to being touched; give it a few tries before giving up on it entirely.
  3. Orgasm To achieve orgasm via prostate stimulation, simply touch yourself in whatever way brings you sexual pleasure. To incorporate your prostate into sex, you can either stimulate yourself or have your partner stimulate you with her finger or a anal sex toy. Again, approach this new type of pleasure gently and creatively to see what you enjoy the most.
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