How To Stimulate A Prostate To Orgasm

Knowing how to stimulate a prostate to orgasm puts a whole twist on sex for many males.  The prostrate gland is a sensitive area for many men. It is also often considered "taboo". Male penetration is sometimes considered a "gay" activity, excluding it from the "manly man's" sex repertoire. In more recent years, the taboo has been set aside, and more and more men are discovering the intense orgasm that can be achieved through stimulation of this small gland inside the anus.

To stimulate a prostate to orgasm you will need:

  • Lubricant
  • Comfortable location
  1. Use a generous amount of lubricant. Before you can stimulate a prostate to orgasm, you need to apply plenty of lubricant to the outer area of the anus. Completely coat the index finger intended for use as well.
  2. Slowly slide the index finger inside the anus opening. Upon initial  insertion, the sphincter muscles will contract. Stop at the point and allow the muscles to relax.
  3. Find the prostrate. To stimulate a prostate to orgasm, you must find the gland itself. The prostrate is located on the frontal side of the anus, approximately 2-3-inches inside the opening. It will feel like a large almond just under the tissue.
  4. Stroke the gland. Move the index finger in a "come here" motion, gently rubbing the prostrate.
  5. Be patient. Continued motion will stimulate a prostate to orgasm. The first time, it may take a while. Stroking the penis may quicken the process.


  • Select a lubricant of a thick consistency. Before beginning the process to stimulate a prostate to orgasm, lubrication is needed. Select a silicone based product for lasting results.
  • Get comfortable. The person on the receiving end of the act should lay on their back and relax. Deep breathing, meditation or soft music may assist in the relaxation process. Gentle touch is also a plus when getting read to stimulate a prostate to orgasm.
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