How To Stimulate Vagina

Any man worth his salt knows how to stimulate vagina in several different ways. For many, it takes several practice rounds and even a few slaps in the face to get it right. But if you’re not yet an expert on that part of the female anatomy, worry not. The following guide will describe how to master the art of stimulating a vagina.

  1. Think of playing with a vagina as a soft-contact sport. It goes without saying that a girl’s nether-regions are very sensitive. So no matter what you’re doing, take it slow, and be sure that there’s enough lubrication. Sex acts just aren’t fun when only one of you is enjoying them.
  2. Start with the fingers. After a long bout of foreplay, make your way down to the vaginal area. Beneath the upper tip, shrouded under a mysterious hood, is the clitoris. This is usually the most sensitive part of the vagina. Brush it lightly with your fingers and see how she responds. If she likes it, you can try moving in circles around it and adding a small amount of pressure.
  3. Work your way down to the vaginal opening. If you want to penetrate it with your fingers, be certain she is wet enough. Do it slowly, and once you’re inside, move your finger as if you were gesturing for someone to come toward you. Feel the rough patch of tissue? That’s the urethral sponge, or G-spot. Use your knowledge of its location wisely, as it is second only to the clitoris in sensitivity.
  4. Feel free to let your mouth in on the action. Science has yet to explain it, but for some reason the tongue is the perfect tool for stimulating a vagina. This is not a green light to use it like a dog lapping up a bowl of water, though. The best way to stimulate the vagina is to slowly work up to the sensitive spots. Experts recommend that you start off by licking the vaginal lips, or labia, softly and with broad strokes. When you’re both ready, move up to the clitoris. A popular method is to suck on it gently and use concentrated, quick tongue strokes repeatedly in that area.
  5. For best results, talk often. Every girl – and every vagina – is different. It is a must to talk to each other and find out what she likes best before you can plant your flag and claim her vagina conquered. Don’t be embarrassed to ask; at that point she’ll be directing you like Steven Spielberg.
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