How To Stimulate A Woman

Having trouble with your girlfriend or wife and are basically wondering how to stimulate a women? Don't worry about it. It is easy to stimulate a women just don't have a hot head or be completely full of yourself. For once this how to article does not require any materials.

  1. The first step to stimulating a women is to be nice during the whole day to her. Be nice to her by opening the door and by taking out the trash. Compliment the way they look and be grateful for everything they do for you.

  2. After you have done that compliment her body. Whatever she thinks is her weakness compliment her on it. Tell her you love that part about her. For instance if she think she is fat tell her that her body is beautiful.  

  3. The third step to stimulating a women is to let her know exactly what you want to do to her sexually. Use your imagination on what you want to do to her but at the same time make sure it is something she be into while you are having sex. If you are not that open minded communicate with her as to what she likes and what turns her on.

So now that you know how to stimulate a woman enjoy your night with your special lady and remember to cherish every moment with her.



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