How To Stimulate Yourself

Learning how to stimulate yourself can help enhance your sexual experiences in other capacities. Once you know what pleases you, this information can be communicated to a partner. Stimulating yourself generally involves stimulating your genital area during masturbation, and it could also involve reaching climax and ejaculation.

To complete this task, you will need:

  • Lubricant
  1. Utilize the gliding mechanism. Sexual intercourse is based on the gliding mechanism. The penis moves back and forth against the vaginal walls, which eventually leads to climax. To stimulate yourself, mimic this motion with your hand. Start at the base of the shaft and move your hand up to the tip and back down again. Repeat this motion until you are stimulated.
  2. Touch the tip of your penis softly. The tip of the penis, or glans head, is the most sensitive area. It is very similar to the female clitoris in that it contains extra nerve endings and is a very pleasurable area to touch. Rub it gently with your fingertips when you reach the top of the shaft to stimulate yourself, or hold the shaft in one hand and gently massage the glans head with the palm of the other.
  3. Use two hands. Instead of just using one hand to stimulate yourself, use two. You can move them in opposite directions or glide them over the penis one after another, creating a feeling of deep penetration.
  4. Use lubrication. When touching the shaft and tip of your penis, add some lubrication. This will make the gliding mechanism easier to accomplish and can add to your overall stimulation.
  5. Watch or read erotic stimuli. Watching a pornographic video, looking at pornographic photographs or reading about sexual encounters can be all you need to fully stimulate yourself.

No one technique works best for everyone. Experiment until you find the techniques that can stimulate you and bring you pleasure.

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