How To Stockpile Food On A Tight Budget

Need to know how to stockpile food on a tight budget? When trying to stockpile food on a tight budget, you need to start slowly to build up a pantry supply. Each week you can add to your stockpile, and before you realize it, you'll have enough food in your pantry and freezer to feed your family for one year.

  1. Each week you shop add one more item to your normal grocery list: one can of tuna on sale for .50-cents, one can of corn, or even a box of pasta. After a few weeks, you can start adding more than one item each trip you make. Spending an extra three-dollars per week and rotating the items purchased will increase your stockpile quickly without cutting too much into your tight budget.

  2. Shopping at bulk food stores or warehouse stores is a great place to stockpile food on a tight budget. You can buy cases of canned food, package-prepared food and frozen items that will keep for months.

  3. Plan ahead before shopping. Scour the grocery stores' sales ads and see what's on sale. When stockpiling food on a tight budget, you need to plan ahead and not overbuy. Make sure you have enough food to last for a year but watch expiration dates.

  4. After you have your initial stockpile of food on a tight budget, you can cut back and purchase one or two small items just to replenish what you've used in the last week.

  5. Continue to keep a good pantry list so you don't purchase too many of the same kinds of foods. Keeping a versatile pantry will help you stockpile food on a tight budget for years to come. 


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