How To Stop Abortion As A Father

Learning how to stop abortion as a father is almost impossible, and in many cases, not even legal. But with a little persuading and communication, the mother may change her mind and the abortion might be put to a halt.

  1. State the facts. If the father has good reason for the child to not be aborted, then the facts will present themselves eventually. If a father believes that the child will be able to have a happy, healthy and financially stable life if kept alive, then the argument is likely to go into the father's defense.
  2. Communicate. Not always as easy as it seems, communication with the pregnant mother is a must. Although it might be hard to present the father's point, considering he is not in the shoes of the mother physically, the emotional and mental tolls play a part on both parties. Communicate as to why it is important to stop the abortion from coming forth. It might seem like an easy solution, but is it really the best one? Presenting that the abortion would not be the right choice for either party will value the father's argument a little bit more.
  3. Be there. Besides communication, it is important to remember to be there for the mother emotionally during such a trying time. If the mother is considering an abortion, she is going through a huge decision and most likely does not want to face it alone. As much as it might anger the father to have the mother consider that the abortion be the choice, it is important to remember that there are several options and many emotions that go with it. Be there for all of them openly.
  4. Be financially supportive. If one of the mother's primary reasons for getting an abortion is the fear that they will not have financial stability, make sure that she is aware that the finances will be taken care of. It is easy to say that the father will be there, but really being there for more than just a shoulder to cry on is important during this trying time. The abortion itself will cost money, but being able to be financially available to keep the child might be enough to sway her position on the idea of abortion all together.
  5. Educate yourself. Making sure that the father is well educated with the laws that restrict or abide by the rules and regulations of abortion are important. One might find that they can prove their case if they simply explain to the court that the preservation of life is more important and that it is the better option for the child, rather than aborting it. Knowing the laws can give the father an upper hand when trying to communicate and negotiate with the mother as to coming down to a compromise.

Overall, abortion is a tricky and hard subject even for some to talk about. But when someone is actually in that scenario, it is not longer just a discussion, it is a life decision for the child and the mother and father. It is important to work as a team to figure out the best possible option for the three people involved, not just one party.

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