How To Stop Color Running On Dark Jeans

Dark jeans really look great but many of us don't how to stop color running on dark jeans. Just about the time the color from dark jeans stops rubbing off on your car seats and underwear you notice that your dark jeans are no longer dark. Many of us accept this phenomenon and go out and buy another pair.  But there is a solution that will not only stop the color running on jeans from but will keep your jeans darker for a longer period of time. Jeans are made of cotton and dyed with indigo inks. These are the two reasons for color running on dark jeans. Cotton is a natural fiber. All natural fibers be it wool, cotton, bamboo or silk will inevitably fade much faster than a man made fiber or a cotton fiber that is blended with a man made fiber. The idea is to stop the color from running on your dark jeans by setting the color or dye in your jeans before you start washing them.

Things you will need:

  • One 16 ounce container of Sea Salt
  • 1 bottle white vinegar.
  • Use of a large sink with a plug
  • Cold water
  1. Fill plugged sink with cold water. Make sure you fill the sink with enough water to cover the dark jeans with about four inches of water. Never wash your dark colored jeans or any dark natural fiber with warm or hot water. Doing this will fade your jeans after the first wash.
  2. Pour entire bottle of vinegar into cold water. Stir the water with your hands to make sure the vinegar and water is well blended.
  3. Pour one cup of sea salt into vinegar and water mixture. Let the salt sit for five minutes.
  4. Swish the water, sea salt and vinegar mixture until most of the salt is dissolved.
  5. Stir solution until mixed well and salt is mostly dissolved. Salt will not dissolve completely.
  6. Put your new dark colored jeans in the sink with cold water solution. Push the jeans under the water with your hands and use a squishing motion to ensure the solution gets well absorbed into the fibers of the dark jeans.
  7. Let soak for an hour. Move the jeans around every ten minutes making sure that none of the fabric is floating on top of the water, This will ensure that you will set the dye and stop the color running on dark jeans.
  8. Drain the sink. The water solution that you drain from the sink will be dark blue. This is normal.
  9. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Rinse until most of the vinegar smell is gone. The remainder of the salt and vinegar will rinse out during washing.
  10. Turn jeans inside out. Turning your dark jeans inside out will help prevent your them from fading faster. It will also keep the color in your dark jeans more uniform.
  11. Wash in cold water on regular cycle.
  12. Hang dry dark jeans. Dryers break down cotton fibers and dyes. This will make your jeans fade much faster.
  13. Put dark jeans in dryer. Put two fabric softener sheets in the dryer with your jeans on low to remove any wrinkles and make your dark jeans feel softer.
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