How To Stop Crime In Stronghold 2

If you like to play medieval strategy games, you probably need to know how to stop crime in Stronghold 2. Stronghold 2 is a game that allows you to take command of your kingdom and its army, workers and peasants. You will be subjected to surprise enemy attacks, famines and citizen uprisings. Another aspect of your kingdom that you will need to monitor is crime. Criminals in your kingdom attempt to steal from your castle, and while they do so, they will not perform their assigned job. This costs the kingdom additional money. Fortunately, you can stop crime in Stronghold 2 by capturing and punishing any criminals you find.

  1. Build a courthouse and a dungeon. Before you can capture any criminals, you will need somewhere to take them. Click on the "Castle Services" menu, then click the courthouse icon. Select a location for your courthouse and dungeon on the map.
  2. Build torture devices. Torture devices can be used to speed up your prisoner's rehabilitation. You can choose from lenient punishments, such as a gibbet, donkey mask or stocks. These punishments, however, take a very long time before they have an effect on the criminal. If you build harsher punishments, such as the rack or a flogging post, the criminal will become rehabilitated much more quickly. These punishments are also more expensive to build, however.
  3. Hire some guards. Without guards, you can't catch criminals. Click on "Castle Services," then click "Guard Post." Click the map to select a location for your post. This turns a citizen into a guard, who now patrols your kingdom for any criminals. If he sees any, they will be taken to the dungeon to await a trial.

Performing these actions will allow you to stop crime in Stronghold 2, making your kingdom a happy and profitable one.

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