How To Stop A Dog From Peeing In The House

If you have a new puppy in the house and are not an experienced dog owner, you will be wondering how to stop a dog from peeing in the house. Dogs need to be taught not to pee in the house; it is not in their nature to know where to urinate and where not to. To dogs, the world is open for peeing.

You will need:

  • Training crate
  • Patience

To stop your dog from peeing in the house:

  1. Consistently take the dog outside every 20 minutes during waking hours. Remove the water bowl at night so there are no peeing accidents in the middle of the night. Consistency is key when house training.
  2. Use a training crate. Crates may seem cruel, but they are not. A crate should never be used as punishment, only when you cannot keep your eyes on the dog at all times. Dogs tend not to pee where they sleep, and if a crate is used, most dogs will not relieve themselves unless the need is too urgent to hold it.
  3. Grab your dog and bring him outside as soon as you see him peeing in the house. Carry the dog outside so he can pee in an appropriate area. Praise the dog and give plenty of affection when he pees outside.

Never use physical punishment because you will instill aggressiveness in the dog and the dog will hide when he pees. Only use positive re-enforcement when your dog pees outside. House breaking takes a lot of time and effort; consistency is the key to successful house training. Dogs are very smart and if you are consistent, they will catch on within a couple of weeks.



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