How To Stop Dogs From Barking

If you have a dog that is a chronic barking machine, you are probably wondering how to stop dogs from barking. The incessant barking can grate on even the biggest dog lover's nerves. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to stop your dog from barking. Remember, all of these methods take time, patience and re-enforcement.

You will need:

  • Soda can
  • Pennies, washers or bolts
  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Shock collar
  • Citronella collar
  • Ultra sonic anti barking gadget
  1. Use an old soda can and put a few pennies, bolts or washers in it. As soon as your dog barks, shake the can and say no firmly. The noise will startle your dog and your dog will stop barking. You have to be consistent and shake the can every time he barks.
  2. Fill a spray bottle or toy water gun with water. When your dog barks, mist him with water and tell him no. A dog does not like a misting of water aimed at his face so he will stop barking. Do not use a water gun that is high pressured or forceful. The aim is to stop unwanted behavior, not hurt the dog.
  3. Use a shock collar. Don't worry, it is not as mean as the name sounds. A shock collar recognizes the bark and vibrates, the vibration is no more intense than a cell phone set to vibrate. This does not hurt the dog, it just breaks the dogs barking focus.
  4. Try a citronella collar. Every time your dog barks, a mist of citronella is emitted from the collar. Most dogs do not like a citronella scent and will associate the scent with barking. Beware: some dogs actually like the scent.
  5. Use an ultra sonic anti barking gadget. This little battery powered device emits a high pitched sound, only a dog can hear. It is activated as soon as the dog barks, dogs do not like the sound and stop barking.

Choose the method that works best for you, your lifestyle and your dog. Only use safe and humane methods to curb your dogs' barking habit. Remember dogs bark because, well…they are dogs.

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