How To Stop Eating Chocolate

If you’re wondering how to stop eating chocolate, read on to discover ways to overcome your cravings. Cutting out chocolate might seem like an impossible feat, but you can stop your chocolate consumption by following a few points of advice. These small changes to your eating and lifestyle habits can get you off of your cocoa-addiction.

  1. Realize why you eat chocolate. Do you eat chocolate when you’re really stressed? Or is it out of boredom when you’re watching TV? If you can pinpoint the scenarios that make you crave chocolate, than you can devise better coping mechanisms so you can stop eating the sweet. Recognize that when you eat out of anxiousness or boredom, you aren’t actually hungry. If you eat chocolate because you have nothing to do, take a walk or call a friend when you start to feel restless. If you eat out because of work stress, calm yourself with a massage or weekend trip out of town. Find ways to reward yourself that don’t involve food.
  2. Don’t cut yourself completely off. Moderation is the key if you want to stop eating chocolate. Try just giving yourself a couple tiny doses of chocolate each day until you have the willpower to finally banish it from the cabinets. The perfect pint-size chocolate piece is a Hershey kiss. If you quit cold turkey, temptation might soon get the better of you, and you might binge. Instead, plan out your path to success and get closer and closer each day.
  3. Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t allow yourself to buy chocolate if you know you shouldn’t eat it. To make this easier, write out a shopping list, so you don’t comb the grocery aisles, tempting yourself. In fact, bypass the candy aisle all together at the store. Make sure to clean out your cupboards at home and request your living mates to keep any chocolate they buy in their room. At restaurants, specifically request not to receive the dessert menu.
  4. Tell people your plan. Inform your friends and people at work that you have cut chocolate out from your diet. The more people you tell, the more accountable you’ll feel to not eat those chocolate donuts that your co-worker brought in. Your friends also should remember to not ask you if you want a plate if you tell them you’ve given up chocolate.
  5. Find chocolate substitutes. Don’t starve yourself in your pursuit to stop eating chocolate. There are plenty of sweet, healthy alternatives to chocolate. Try integrating more fruit into your diet. Buy some blueberries, strawberries, melons and apples. Since fruit’s water content is higher than chocolate, it will leave you feeling fuller for longer.
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