How To Stop Eating Sweets

Do you need to learn how to stop eating sweets? Having a sweet tooth is something almost everyone has to deal with, however, for some the urge to eat sweets is a daily struggle. There are several health risks that are at stake when sugar is consumed on a daily basis or in large doses. You need to cut back on the sugar to prevent diabetes and weight or other heath problems. Learning how to stop eating sweets is not as difficult as it sounds.

  1. Read the labels. Read the entire label of all foods before you purchase them will provide an insight as to what you should purchase and what you shouldn’t purchase. Sugar of some type is in the majority of foods purchased. Look for ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, glucose, dextrose and fructose. These are all sugars disguised under another name.
  2. Do not purchase chocolates and other obvious sweets. If the items are not readily available it will be easier to not eat them. You would be amazed at how much candy you might eat without even recognizing it. Remove all sweet treats from the home, car and office to avoid temptations.
  3. Cooking without sugar. Many recipes call for large amounts of sugar in the ingredients; learn to alternate sugar with artificial sweeteners. There are several products on the market that have a great taste and will go unnoticed as artificial sweeteners in most recipes. Honey is an excellent alternative to sugar and has less calories than sugar.
  4. Go for a short walk. If you find yourself craving something sweet, take a short fifteen minute walk. Research has shown that fifteen minutes is the average time it takes for someone to “forget” their craving.
  5. After meals is the most tempting time for sugar. If you crave sweets immediately following a meal, try brushing your teeth with mint flavored toothpaste, drink a cup of fruit flavored tea or chew a stick of sugar free gum.
  6. Do not deprive yourself. If you force yourself to completely give up anything that has sugar in it all at once, it will be difficult to stay focused on being healthy. Learning how to stop eating sweets will be a gradual process for some but, if you pay attention to labels and are more conscious of what you are eating the process will get easier. Have small doses occasionally to help with the craving. Doing small things such as switching to ice cream that is topped with fresh fruit as opposed to hot fudge, will give you the taste of sugar without the guilt of eating it.
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