How To Stop Following On Twitter

Sometimes you get tired of someone's tweets. They are spamming, obnoxious, or just too quiet. It is quite easy to stop following them on Twitter and many methods help you do so!

  1. Go directly to the person's Twitter page. Under the person's name and picture, to the right of where it says you are following the person and the "Lists" button, there is an icon. Click on that icon to expose a bunch of options. One of those is "Unfollow @person." Click on that and you are no longer following.
  2. Unfollow from your following list. From your homepage, click on "following" for a complete list of the people you follow. To the right of the person's name will be a button with an icon, under a column labeled "Actions." Click on the icon for the same list as above, and click on "Unfollow @person."
  3. Unfollow on HootSuite. If on HootSuite, stop following on Twitter by clicking on the person's name or picture. There will be a pop-up window. At the bottom you can click on "Unfollow." If using more than one account on HootSuite, it will ask which account should stop following. Choose the appropriate account and you will no longer be following that person.
  4. Unfollow on TweetDeck. If using TweetDeck, hover the mouse over the person's picture. Click on the icon that says "Other actions." Click on "User" to be given a list of options. Click on "Unfollow." Or click on the person's name for a pop-up window, similar to HootSuite.
  5. Use a service such as TwitCleaner. TwitCleaner is an example of an online service that will clean up your following list for you. Follow @TwitCleaner and ask them to perform a "cleaning" on your account via their website. They give you a list of people who are not following back, those who do nothing but post links, those that have been inactive for a long period of time, etc. Click on the ones you wish to keep and then TwitCleaner will get rid of the rest. They will stop following on Twitter up to 1000 people for free. More than that costs a nominal fee, but then you don't have to worry about it.


  • To help figure out people who are no longer following you, and therefore possibly unworthy of being followed, use a service such as This service does not require you to provide a password and will let you know who is following you, and who is not. From there, you can pick and choose whom to stop following on Twitter by clicking on the icon and going to that person's page.
  • Untweeps is a service similar to TwitCleaner, that allows you to have them stop following on Twitter for you up to three times a month for free. Beyond that is a nominal fee.
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