How To Stop Jacking Off

If you masturbate too frequently, you may be wondering how to stop jacking off completely or at least to reduce your frequency of engaging in this act of self-pleasure. Excessive jacking off can lower your sensitivity and make it harder for you to get turned on in sexual situations. Jacking off may become an addiction that you may have to wean yourself from when you are ready to stop.

  1. Stop watching/looking at porn. Stop fueling the fire that causes you to jack off. If porn encourages you to masturbate, avoid watching or looking at porn by locking it away for specific times, putting blocks on your television and computer or throwing away your porn movies and magazines. In addition to porn, you should also avoid other activities that get you in the mood to jack off.
  2. Get a hobby. Keep your mind out of the gutter and avoid the temptation to jack off by engaging in a new, non-sexual hobby that does not turn you on. Hobbies you may try include coin collecting, playing video games and even mountain climbing. The less time you spend at home with nothing to do equals less time you spend masturbating.
  3. Find a partner. Regardless of which team you play for, one sure way to decrease your frequency of masturbation involves getting a partner. While you may not receive sexual satisfaction from a new relationship, eventually, you can achieve gratification from sources other than yourself and stop jacking off.
  4. Wean yourself from jacking off. Masturbation becomes an obsession and an addiction among many people. Because of this, many people may have trouble stopping cold turkey. To effectively stop jacking off, extend the time between masturbating until you completely eliminate the need or at least cut down to once per day.