How To Stop Mastubation Addiction

Knowing how to stop masturbation addiction can help you gain new respect for yourself. Masturbation is not a harmless pastime because it affects the whole being-body, mind, and spirit. It can damage your relationship with your partner and others in your life. Learning how to stop masturbation addiction involves changing the way you think about sex.

  1. The first step is to identify that you have a problem. Masturbation is usually normal. You know it is out of control and an addiction when it interferes with your daily life and with your relationships with others in your life. If it is an addiction, then you need to identify the cause. Some people who masturbate very frequently were abused as children and this is a way to feel good, or a way to escape. You may need to seek therapy to find out how to stop masturbation addiction.
  2. If you are masturbating out of boredom, you will need to schedule different things to take up your time. Identify the time of day when you most often become bored and try to stay busy at that time. You may take up a new hobby such as model making or some other artistic outlet. Learning to stop masturbation addiction means focusing your mental energies elsewhere.
  3. Retiring for the night is most often when people masturbate, so stay up until you're really tired and ready for sleep. Exercising is a good way to burn off excess energy and testosterone. Try weight lifting or jogging and you will find you sleep better at night. To stop masturbation addiction, you must replace the act with other physical activities.
  4. Install security software on your computer. This is a very important step in learning how to stop masturbation addiction. Even if you know the password to get around the security program, it will still remind you to stop and rethink whether or not you want to be tempted.
  5. The most powerful tool you have for breaking any addiction is your mind. When you see that you are being tempted to masturbate, simply tell yourself that you're strong enough not to do it. Tell yourself you cannot and will not be controlled by this physical, selfish act. You can become a better person each day.

Masturbation Addiction

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