How To Stop Night Sweats

Learn how to stop night sweats in this very informative article. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to a bed soaked in sweat. The smell, the humiliation and yes the frustration of just not knowing how to stop night sweats will cause stress in almost anyone. Night sweats affect both men and women and this article will discuss how to stop night sweats successfully.

In order to stop night sweats, you will need:

  • Knowledge about the condition.
  • Herbs and natural remedies for night sweats.
  • The ability to keep cool with the use of common household items.
  1. What are Night Sweats? Night sweats are also known as sleep hyperhidrosis. This is where there is excessive sweating even though the room or the air is not hot. When the person has sleep hyperhidrosis, the bed may be soaking wet when they wake in the morning.
  2. What Causes Night Sweats? The most common cause of night sweats in women is menopause and the most common cause in men is hypoglycemia. The other causes of sweating could be: illnesses with a fever, immune problems, pregnancy, drug side effects, HIV and the big “C” (cancer).  
  3. How to Avoid and Stop Night Sweats. There are many things that cause night sweats and many that will help to avoid night sweats. Use some common sense with items such as anger, diet, caffeine, alcohol, white sugar, jacuzzi hot tops, athletic sex and intense exercising. Other things to consider are your medications. Anti-depressants can also cause night sweats.
  4. Take a Cool Bath. Before sleeping, take a nice cool shower. Taking a hydrating shower will help stop the night sweats. After taking a nice cool shower, put on some very light clothing to sleep in.
  5. Cooling Off the Room. It is advisable to have the room very cool when sleeping. Many doctors feel that having good air flowing with open windows and a fan will help stop night sweats. Never allow the fan to hit you directly without rotation, as this could cause more damage than the night sweats their self.
  6. Watch the Diet. Diet is involved in almost every illness and problem with the body and night sweats are no different. Whether it is eliminating sugar to cure Candida or healing the body with natural foods, diet is involved. In addition to eating a healthy diet, you must say no to the hot spicy foods including garlic and onion in some cases. Eliminate hot spicy foods and you may stop those awful night sweats.
  7. Water, Water and More Water. Hydration is a key to stopping night sweats also. Make sure to drink eight glasses of water a day. Avoid sodas, juices (which are high in sugar) and all forms of caffeine. Herbal teas and water should be your main beverage of choice to stop night sweats.
  8. Natural Herbal Remedies. There are many herbal remedies that claim to help stop the night sweats. Some of the most popular ones are agnus castus, dong quai, dandelion, yellow dock, sarsaparilla and more. A good herbal tea is made with red clover, nettles and horse tail.  Make sure not to boil the herbs, but simply steep them in a pot of boiled water for twenty minutes and sip throughout the day.
  9. Sage Tea. Sage has long been used for stomach ailments and inflammation.  It is also a great remedy for night sweats. To make sage tea, bring a pot of water to boil and add in some fresh or dried sage leaves. Estimate one tbsp. per cup of dried leaves and three times the amount for fresh leaves. Let the water boil for a few minutes more and remove from the fire. Let the sage tea sit for at least ten minutes and then drink this three times a day.

In the end it is better to have yourself diagnosed by a physician if these self help measures do not work. Some conditions can be life threatening, so before you wait too long to be medically treated, consider all the options. There is no cure that works for 100% of the people all the time.

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