How To Stop Picking Scabs

Need to know how to stop picking scabs? Scabs are first caused by getting an injury on the skin. The wounds then try to heal themselves by forming scabs. The reason people pick scabs is because of the itch. The itch is caused by the skin stretching itself to heal the wound. If you scratch and pick the scabs, then your skin has to restart the healing process. Basically, picking scabs is a self-control game. Here, we're going to tell you how to stop picking scabs.

You may need: 

  • anti-itch lotion
  • long-sleeved clothing
  1. Control the itchiness. The itchiness is the source of the problem. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to control the itchiness themselves. However, most people will need a little bit of help. Try to find some anti-itch lotion to help solve the itching problem. Once you have found some, apply some lotion around the scab and maybe some on top of the scab. Try not to scratch and pick the scab while the lotion is there because it'll render the lotion useless. After a while, the itch should ease greatly. If it begins to itch again, put some more anti-itch lotion on it.
  2. Ignore the scab. Some people will pick at the scab just by knowing that it's there. The best way to ignore a scab is by trying to stay occupied. This will trick yourself into thinking that you don't have a scab, which in turn will make you less likely to pick at it!
  3. Wear longer clothing. If your scab is on your legs, wear longer pants that will cover the scab up. If the scab is on your arms, wear a long sleeved shirt. This will make it so that you can no longer reach the scab when you try to scratch it.
  4. Wait for the scab to heal. This will take several days. However, if you have followed the steps above, then the scab will heal before you know it!
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